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Джерела з історії України 
Українська історіографія 
Українська археологія 
Українська етнографія 
Історія української філософської та суспільно-полі 
Історія України 
Історія української культури 
Таємниці української історії 
Спеціальні історичні дисципліни та історія України 
Історичні наукові і краєзнавчі конференції 

Населення з обох боків Карпат розбивається на три групи: лемки, бойки і гуцули. Гуцули – етнічна група українських горців, що населяють регіон Гуцульщини в Карпатських горах.
Існують археологічні свідчення про людське існування в регіоні ще 100 000 років тому. Географічні назви в долинах – такі, як Князьдвір на річці Лозина, Княже на річці Черемош, Княжий Ліс біля Березова Вижнього, і Пасовища Боярського в Зеленій – указують, що регіон був заснований протягом періоду Київської Русі і Галицько-Волинського князівства (IX–XIII ст.). Згадування про соляні промисли в регіоні ("коломийська сіль") знаходяться в літописи і першій записаній згадці про поселення (1367) – тепер центрі дощової солі в Уторопах. Інші поселення гуцулів і монастирі згадуються в муніципальних і земельних документах, починаючи з XV ст.

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The Ukrainians
Ukrainian mentality was formed influenced by many factors: geographical location at the crossroads of the West and East, specific climatic conditions and complex, at times tragic historical destiny. Since time immemorial Ukrainians have been known as hardworking, thrifty, skilled farmers emotionally affiliated to their native parts, good family men and devoted wives. They are typically kindhearted, friendly, hospitable and well wishing to both fellow countrymen and foreigners; they are cautious yet inclined to romanticism and sentimentality. But come the time of ordeal, and they are determined, resourceful, brave, slaunch, ready for self-sacrifice.
Among themselves, despite their inherent emotionalism, Ukrainians have always valued restraint, consideration and a realistic view of life. They have a very special sense of humor. They can be bitingly ironical. Theirs is a very rich imagination reflecting the surrounding realities in a colorful way.

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The history of the population of Ukraine's territory dates back many centuries. The middle Dnieper area (the present Kyiv and Cherkasy regions) was the center of the first state of the Eastern Slavs. In the northern part and Polissia Chernihiv, Lviv and Lutsk grew and prospered. These regions belonged to the most densely settled territories from the times of Kyiv Rus until the 19th century. An intensive settlement of the south regions began in the second half of the '9th century in connection with the rapid growth in farming and especially the development of the mining industry in Donbas and the Dnieper area.
Before World War One poverty and national oppression forced the poor to move to Siberia, Central Asia and the Far East. From the Western Ukraine the landless poor emigrated to Canada, the USA, Brazil and Argentina.

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Economic Reforms in Ukraine
Two interrelated processes are characteristic of Ukraine's economy today, namely its assertion as that of an independent state, and its transformation from planned-centralized to market- controlled. These processes are rather complicated, but there are all prerequisites for their effective accomplishment.
Present-day independent Ukraine has a considerable potential to quickly develop its economy – and this is explained not only by the favourable natural conditions, but also by the convenient geographical position in terms of international trade exchanges.
In the Donbas the coal deposits are estimated at 2,000,000,000 tons. Some 4.2 billion of hydrogenous (brown) coal are to be found in the Dnieper Basin. Ukraine's iron and manganese ores arc considered the richest in the world – primarily in the Kryvyi Rih Basin (up to 62%) and the Nikopol Basin.

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The greatest role in movement of freight and passengers is played by rail transport. The railway network has some 22,000 km of track. Railways crossing Ukraine ensure communication with many countries of Europe. The largest railway junctions are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dniprpopetroysk, Zaporizhia.
Road transport is important over short distances. Buses are one of the principal forms of passenger transport within the provinces.
Sea transport plays an important part in Ukraine's economy. The Black Sea and Azov fleets consist of large-draught freight vessels. Odesa is the main Black Sea port. Mykolayiv, Kherson, Mariupol are also large ports of Ukraine. The ports of Ukraine ensure trade contacts with over 80 countries.
River transport works closely with rail and sea transport. The length of navigable rivers in Ukraine is close to 5,000 km.
Air transport has become one of the principal means of passenger and mail conveyance. Ukraine has many airports, the largest being in Kyiv, Lviv, Simferopol, Donetsk, Kharkiv.

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Ukraine has very favourable conditions for the development of agricultural production: fertile soils, temperately Warm climate, a well-developed industry Processing agricultural raw materials.
AH the principle areas of plant cultivation are: grain and crops, meadow cuivre, fruit and vegetable raising. Almost half the cropping area is occupied by cecals such as winter wheat, maize and gurries, rye, oats and barley. The principal grain crop, winter wheat, is sown mainly in the Steppe and Forest-Steppe zones. Maize is grown mostly in Trans-carpathia and Steppe Zones. Buckwheat, millet, rice play an important role.
Among the industrial crops such as sugar, beet, sunflower, flax the leading position is occupied by sugar beet.
Close to 40 types of vegetable crop are grown in Ukraine: cabbage, tomato, cucumber, red beet, carrot, onion, garlic, ets. Melon-growing is practised mainly in the south. Potatoes occupy 6 % of soil under cultivation.

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Industry is the most important area of Ukraine's economy. In the current structure of Ukraine's industry a great proportion is occupied by heavy industry, especially the steel, machine-building and coal industries. A considerable part is played by the food and light industries. Top position is held by machine building.
The black coal industry is concentrated in two basins: Donets and Lviv-Volhynia. The largest centre of the brown coal industry is Kirovograd region. The oil and gas industries are located in the Subcarpathian and Left-Bank regions, but the extraction of oil and natural gas is insufficient to satisfy the country's needs.

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Economic Areas
Ukraine can be divided into three economic areas: Southwestern, Donets-Dniper and Southern.
The Southwestern Economic Area has a high population density, a dense network of roads and railways. This places the area in a favourable position with supplies of metals and fuel, machine-building plants and the shipping of products to consumers. The largest reserves of minerals and the valuable Wood of the Carpathian forests are used in the chemical, gas, mining, timber, paper and porcelain industries.
Local agriculture forms the basis of the food industry. The top position is held by the sugar industry. The area is widely known for its grain-milling industry and produces vast amounts of butter, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables. A high degree of development has been achieved in the meat and dairy industry.

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Міжнародні відносини України
Україна має близькі відносини з багатьма країнами світу.
Товариство культурних відносин з українцями за кордоном (Українська спільнота) – громадська організація. Вона закладає міцну основу для культурних і туристичних контактів нашої країни з українцями за кордоном.
Велика кількість українців, що проживають за межами України, зацікавлені життям на землі їх предків. Головна мета української спільноти – зберегти для них і їх дітей рідну мову і культуру.
Українська спільнота включає літературу, науку, програми для молоді. Українська спільнота кожен рік розширює свою діяльність.
У 1947 р. було засновано Асоціацію українців у Великобританії. Це – найбільша соціальна організація в Західній Європі.
Асоціація має свій фонд допомоги незалежній Україні. Цей фонд надає гроші на різні важливі дії.
Є також спеціальний фонд ноу-хау британського уряду. Його мета – надавати допомогу Україні в розвитку малого бізнесу.

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Pollution in Ukraine
Pollution is the contamination of the environment, including air, water, a land, with undesirable amounts of material or energy. Such contamination originates from human activities. An industrial country, Ukraine contains some of the most polluted landscapes in Eastern Europe. Pollution became evident in Ukraine with industrial development in the 19th century.
Air pollution is especially severe in many of the heavily industrialized cities and towns of southeastern Ukraine, notably in Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovs and Zaporizhia. Coal-using industries, such as metallurgical coke-chemical plants, steel mills, and thermal power plants are major sources of high levels of uncontrolled emissions of sulphur dioxide, dust, unburned hydrocarbons, and other harmful substances.
Other Ukrainian cities with major chronic air pollution problems include Kyiv, Komunarsk, Makiivka and Odesa.
Almost all surface waters of Ukraine belong to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov basins. The high population density, heavy industrial development, and relatively low freshwater endowment of those basins, and the low governmental priority placed upon environmental protection until very recently, have given rise to chronic and serious levels of water pollution throughout Ukraine.

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